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Stuffed Roast Turkey

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Whole Turkey 5-7 Kg (Ready Basted)
300g sliced Onions 
2 Bay Leaves
Parsely Stalks
1/2 Pint water
2 tsp Plain flour
Turkey or Chicken Stock
Oatmeal Stuffing:
150g sliced Onions
20g unsalted Butter
170g shredded Beef
340g medium Oatmeal
1 teaspoon dried Sage
4 fresh Sage leaves (chopped)
Salt and Pepper
Sausagemeat and Chestnut Stuffing:
450g Sausagemeat
450g Chestnut Puree
110g white Breadcrumbs
1 large egg (beaten)
Salt and Pepper
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Oatmeal Stuffing: Cook the onion in the butter until it begins to soften. Mix with oatmeal, sage and shredded beef. Add enough water for the mixture to bind, and season as required. Stuff the mixture into the cavity of the Turkey.
Sausagemeat and Chestnut Stuffing: Mix the sausagemeat, chestnut puree, breadcrumbs and egg. Season the mixture and stuff it into the neck end of the turkey, making sure that the breast is well plumped. Cover cavities with the turkey skin and secure with skewer.
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius. Season turkey well with salt and pepper. Place it in a large roasting pan with giblets and neck (except the liver). Add the onion, bay leaves and parsley stalks and pour in the water. One can choose to cover the bird with a soaked butter muslin. Roast in the preheated oven for approximately three and a half hours.
When cooked, pierce the tigh a observe the juices that run out. If the turkey is well cooked the juices should be clear. Transfer the turkey into a serving dish and keep warm. Lift the roasting pan with juices on to the top of the cooker, skim off the excess fat and return to heat. Whisk in the flour slowly and add enough stock to make up 3/4 pint. Stir until boiling, then simmer for a few minutes. Season to taste and transfer to a gravy bowl. Turkey can be garnished with roast chipolata sausage and streaky bacon.   
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