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Roast Lamb Leg with Dark Beer, Honey and Rosemary

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1 lamb leg with bone
6 whole garlic cloves, lightly pierced
5 tsp diced garlic 
1/4 cup butter
200g sliced carrots
100g sliced onions
1 bulb garlic with skin on
3 large onions, cut in half
1/2 can of dark beer
3 tbsp sea salt
2 tbsp crackled black pepper
3 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
2 tbsp mustard
4 tbsp honey
5 sprigs rosemary sprigs
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Cut holes into the meat with a sharp knife and stuff the holes with rosemary and diced garlic.
Combine the sea salt, crackled pepper, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, honey and beer; pour over lamb and marinate overnight.
Before cooking, ensure that your lamb is at room temperature. Melt the butter in a hot pan and sear the lamb on all sides, till it is nice and brown. This is to seal it so as to capture the juices inside and obtain a flavourful, tender meat.
Place the halved onions, carrots, whole garlic bulb (top cut off) and garlic cloves in a dish and place the seared lamb on top of them.
Sprinkle the sliced onions on the lamb, pour the remaining marinade on top and cover the dish with aluminum foil. Place the dish into a 225C pre-heated oven and
roast for 50 minutes. Turn the meat, and pop it back into the oven uncovered for another 20 minutes.
Take the lamb out, cover it and let it rest for another 25 minutes before carving.
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