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This selection includes a variety of French pastries ranging from classics such as creme brulees to refreshing fruit sorbets as well as an exquisite choice of ice-creams

10 Products found in category
3 Chocolate Gateau

Just thaw & serve

Cremes Brulees

Just thaw & serve

Coeur Fondant

Chocolate cup cake with a heavenly heart of chocolate fondant

Chocolate Cream Puffs

Cream Profitaroles & Mini-Chocolate Eclaires also available

Lemon/Orange Sorbet

Served in a fruit shell

Coconut Ice-cream

Served in a coconut shell

Lingot 3 Chocolate

Just thaw & serve

Tendres Peches

An exquisite packet of mixed minature gateaux 

Mousse Au Chocolat

Just thaw & serve

Ice-Creams (Various)

Range includes Sugar Free, Soya as well as a Yougurt based selection

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