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Entertaining is a breeze thanks to our exclusive range of oriental dumplings as well as various chicken, beef,  seafood & veg products - Ideal for party nibbles!

14 Products found in category
Chicken Parts

Drumsticks, Legs & Wings

Beef Balls
Aromatic Duck

Chinese Pancakes also available

Frog Legs
Smoked Duck Breast
Various Gourmet Sausages

Available in different sizes

Chicken Skewers

Various Flavours Available

Quail Breast
Oriental Dumplings

Spring rolls, wontons, samosas and various other dim sum

Surimi Products

Lobster tails, Crab sticks

Battered & Breaded Chicken

Available as fillets and chicken parts


Oysters, Scallops, mussels in shell

Breaded & Battered Seafood

Prawns, Scampi, Crab Claws, Squid Rings

Cream Cheese Jalapeno
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