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Fish & Seafood

If the thought of exquisite seafood arouses your taste buds and gets your mouth watering, browse this section for more details on our fantastic range!

11 Products found in category
Fish Fillets/Steaks

Various to choose from


Available whole of cut up into rings


Available whole, portioned, filleted and smoked slices

Whole Fish A selection of whole and head-less Fish
Fish Loins

Tuna loins & Swordfish Loins available

Breaded & Battered

Fish Fillets, Prawns, Fish Fingers, Squid Rings, etc..

Mixed Seafood

Crabs, Lobster, Shrimps

King Prawns

Available headless, raw and blanched in various sizes


Clams (Vongole), Mussels, Oysters, Razor Clams...etc

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