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An exciting choice of beef cuts ranging from exquisite tenderloin to rump. Our offering also includes portion-packed goods to cater for your every need.


Our pork range includes a variety of bone-in or boneless products as well as a wide choice of sausages and other processed goods.


A wide selection of whole chicken and chicken parts. We also offer a delicious convenient range of breaded and battered products.


Ranging from lamb frenched racks and tenderloin to mince and roasts, we've got all the lamb inspiration you could possibly need.


This impressive selection of exotic game caters for those of a more distingushed palate, ranging from ostrich fillet to wild boar and crocodile. 

Fish & Seafood

If the thought of exquisite seafood arouses your taste buds and gets your mouth watering, browse this section for more details on our fantastic range!

Ready Meals

Make your freezer your greatest Take-Out! An exclusive and exciting variety of ready meals. Convenient, ready in minutes, just heat and eat! Perfect for a night in with friends. 


Entertaining is a breeze thanks to our exclusive range of oriental dumplings as well as various chicken, beef,  seafood & veg products - Ideal for party nibbles!


Our wide range of flash frozen vegetables are more than conveniently packed according to your needs. Welcome to hassle-free peeled, deseeded, chopped, sliced or diced tasty vegetables everytime!

Potato Products

Our wide assortment ranges from chips of various shapes and sizes to specialities such as seasoned wedges and noisettes, suitable for a wide range of food service applications as well as domestic use. 


This selection includes a variety of French pastries ranging from classics such as chocolate fondants to refreshing fruit sorbets as well as an exquisite choice of ice-creams.


An exclusive range of carefully selected Chilean, French, South-African and Italian wines are displayed within all our outlets. 

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